Surprise Dinner in Hue

So after this long day touring the countryside and seeing the various tombs and pagodas and the Citadel, we rested up at our hotel and then headed out walking towards the river in search of someplace to eat dinner. As we are passing this inauspicious place (I didn't even see that it said it was a restaurant), Joan says - let's try this place. There was some drumming noises coming from there, and we were all too tired to care much what we were in for, so we enter the lobby area and are greeted by a woman in traditional Vietnamese dress who said she could seat us in this smaller room. Well, the door to the room across the lobby was ajar and was saw people dressed like royalty in there seated around the table and eating a feast. We weren't sure what we were in for, but were very pleasantly surprised.

Well, two of us selected the $10 meal and two of us selected the $12 meal. Each one was a multi-course meal and each dish brought out was an edible work of art.

Here we are at the end of the meal...very satisfied indeed! The room we were in had a large mural at each end of the room. The wait-staff kept the doors closed while we ate, but there were a few times when we heard the drums beating and music being played. We peaked out the doors a couple times to witness a small parade of diners (who had obviously made reservations in advance) being escorted by the musicians. All were dressed in royalty garments as they were shown to their private dining rooms.