Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jane, we are trying to remember to take pictures of the food for you. Anyways, here is our dessert at lunchtime. The fruits, pineapple of course in front, and rambutan in back - tastes very similar to lychee. Our guide showed us many of the various tropical fruits growing on trees in the delta region.

After we got back on our private boat in the river, our guide cracked open a couple of coconuts for us to sample on our trip back to our private car. So, here's Uncle Jerry looking like he's on Safari. It reminded me of the safari boat trip in Disneyworld - sans the crocodiles and rhinos spraying us with water.

All for now, gotta go pack and check out of this hotel. On to Hoi An this afternoon.


  1. You're doing a fabulous job of uploading photos and sharing your trip via this blog. It is so fun to see what you're doing. btw, we just watched that Funniest Commercials show for the best in 2009. That can with Tiger on it (what's in it?) was one of the products with a funny commercial.

  2. That's the local Saigon beer. We've had quite a bit of it. Yesterday afternoon we bought 333 beer and a can of something else (currently chilling in our fridge) which is local to Hoi An. Haven't tried it yet as we got wollopped by the bottle of mulberry wine we bought at the market and cracked open in our room. We slept 12 hours and wound up missing dinner.