Monday, December 21, 2009

Hoi An with Jerry and Judy

Breakfast at our hotel in Hoi An - the Lotus Hotel. Dragon fruit seemed the most exotic, but the mangoes were the best.

In town there was a ceramic museum with this lovely piece in it.

Very picturesque little shop. These hanging lanterns were being made in various shops and temples throughout town. We saw one man riding his bike in the rain making deliveries of the frames for the lanterns to various locations for others to add the silk and tassels.

This character of course wanted to take us for an hour-long boat ride. She/he(?) had a very wide toothy-toothless grin, but when we asked for a picture, gave this very tight-lipped pose. We made a small donation which brought the grin back.

Very picturesque old village.

Jerry and the Japanese Covered Bridge first constructed in the 1590's by the Japanese to connect them with the Chinese quarters across the stream.

Jerry had the Hai Cafe Fish Rolls. We took the evening cooking class at this same restaurant a few days later.
Seamstresses doing embroidery.

Women sitting on the curb selling their greens.
Mr. Men at La Vie en Rose cafe. They had their Christmas tree, Lucky Laughing Buddha and home shrine all in one convenient area.

Xinh showing us around Randy's Book Exchange while he's on holiday in the States and practiced her English on us. She also flattered us by saying how young we look for our age (trying to make a sale? It worked.) Randy's Siamese cat was starving for attention and found Judy's lap to be cozy.
We rode bikes to the beach one day and this is the first hawker who reached us. Very sweet young lady whose English was quite good. She has higher aspirations for herself than selling wares.

Upon Ximena's recommendation we sought out this restaurant and it was absolutely delicious!
Many of these old trees (not Jerry) line the streets. This one had grown around a street sign that had long ago broken off.
Lovely little pond in the corner of the grounds at our hotel.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing the stories behind all these exotic photos.