Sunday, December 20, 2009

Judy's Better Half and Sidekick Commentary

Yeah, well, er something tells me that with 0 comments/interest shown so far from the outside viewing world that it's high time YT made a few pertinent remarks, ahem, to wit: Wow, I mean WOW is HCMC/Saigon one crazy quilt chaos stew of a burg!!! The heat, the humidty, the million jillion motorbikes everywhere, but hey don't get me wrong some things were very interesting (wait, let me think) oh, yeah our hotel the Lan Lan 1 was wonderful, more marble than Wayside (that's an "in joke" for AHers) and the breakfasts were super terrific. A variety of Vietnamese hot dishes plus the usual yogurts, jams jellies, hard boiled eggs, etc etc. Needless to say I went back for seconds fourths fifths and forty fifths and ate everything on my plate several times over, my philosophy being that when on the road one simply must eat as big a breakfast as you/one can so you don't have to spend anything on lunch and need not have any dinner at all. I honed this eating on the road philosophy during my '96 bike tour in the west of Ireland. So to sum it up so far we're enjoying the initial leg of the trip, are glad to be out of HCMC and look forward to getting into the Hoi An scene tomorrow.


  1. Hey Jerry, I commented on Judy's first post before you ever left home. Christine has given a few comments, and I made some today too. I've been checking your blog every day, but all the newest posts just showed up in a lump today. So, NOW, check for interest from the outside world.

  2. Thanks Jerry for your take on the trip. I just got on the blog site this afternoon, having forgotten that you guys were going to be journaling your adventures and boy, was it fun to see what you're up to! The photos are great too. Have some Pho soup for of my favorite Vietnamese dishes.

    Have a great time and stay well and safe. I look forward to seeing more posts.